Leos Club

The Leos are the youth division of Lions International. Young people are eligible to join from the ages 12 through 18.

Leos have the opportunity to serve the community, and learn about public service. While doing this, they also make friends, and have fun.

There is the opportunity to develop leadership skills by becoming an officer, and learning what it takes to take the reins of responsibility.

The Colchester Leos often work side by side with the Lions club, and have their own stations at some of our events.

Parents and children have joined the Lions and Leos respectively, and work side by side at events, serving the community together. Some of our former Leos have become Lions, still serving with their parents. These young adults have become respected members of our club.

To Learn more about Leos from Lions International click here. For more information on joining the Leos club click here.